Why Should We Do Your Voiceovers?

Have we mentioned that we have been trained by veteran broadcasters? And also aren't you tired of hearing the same voice everywhere. The same voice that introduced you to a brand of soap, will be the same voice you hear on a credit card, milk powder or shampoo ad. Kind of diminishes the uniqueness you were hoping to bring to your product, doesn't it?

So if you need a different and professional voiceover talent to record 
broadcast voiceovers for radio, TV commercials, youtube ads, etc, and non-broad stuff like corporate videos, training and educational videos, phone message systems & voicemails, explainer videos, emergency messages, podcasts, audio books and e-learning modules, basically anything that requires a voice? Let us do it for you. At the rates we offer, you'll be thinking why didn't I just do this before? 

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Voice Over Rates


1st pg - $200 
Subsequent pg(s) - $150/pg*


Mandarin / Malay / Tamil

1st pg - $250 
Subsequent pg(s) - $200/pg*


Loading Fee

30 sec: $300
(loading in one territory)
Interstitials: $150/each

60 sec: $500
(loading in one territory)  
Interstitials: $250/each

*Specifications of Page: Arial, 12, Double Spaced with the usaul 1.5'' Margins

Female Voiceover Samples (English)


Male Voiceover Samples 



Celebrity Voiceover Samples*
*Drop us an enquiry for their rates. 

Didn't find what you were looking for...perhaps our freelancers might be able to help (coming soon!)