Sooo. . .What Did Our Clients Have To Say About Us? 

Bukit Gombak's Got Talent

The committee is very grateful towards Kelly’s help during the event. She is very active and work very closely with the organiser in terms of confirming the details as well as helping to confirm that the event will go on smoothly.

She also took the initiative to interact with the residents and also, the performers. She is also able to react quickly to the changes made on-site. After discussion, the committee would like to engage Kelly for future events if possible.

Bukit Gombak CACC and INC

MADAboutSingapore - Instagram Exhibition

Kelly Loh was great. It was good to have brief meeting to discuss the program flow, the WhatsApp communication is also fantastic for the dynamic and agile nature of the industry.

We liked the fact that Kelly clicked well with the audience, and she had a considerable knowledge of the context (being an Instagrammer too). She understood the environment and general trends of the audience, which helped her connect with them and also get them to be comfortable with her. Definitely will consider hiring her again!

Thie Santoso Fongerts, FILOS PTE LTD

Friends Provident Fund Wealth Management Forum

Pree is a very dedicated and responsible emcee. She will prepare in advance and always try to understand who is the audience and why they are invited to the event so that she knows the event in detail.

I have worked with her on numerous types of events and she is a very versatile emcee who can manage different types of crowds and react to situations professionally. Will definitely recommend her if you need a professional and dedicated emcee who is willing to go an extra mile to make your event a success!

Belin Poh, Product & Partner Marketing, AVIVA LTD

Wedding of Tim & Serene

Everything went so smoothly! Pree was our main point of contact who coordinated just about everything. Totally appreciate your prompt replies. Just one face to face discussion (which we enjoyed) and a few email exchanges were enough to get us through. Kelly, the emcee for our wedding dinner, is a natural who is fluent in both English and Mandarin. She is experienced with the lineup of events at wedding banquets, We knew that we were in good hands and true enough, it was the least of our worries. 

Tim & Serene, Newlyweds! 

Career Connect Fair

Ms Kelly Loh worked with us at our recent Career Connect 2016 event, organised by SBF Connect and sponsored by Amity Global. She has displayed much professionalism and initiative during her sessions as an emcee, being a great problem solver when situation arises and even value adding to the event by taking on the role of a moderator during several Q&A interviews. Ms Kelly is an absolute joy to work with and will be an important asset to the success of any event. All the best with your future endeavours and we’ll definitely work together again next time.

Ms Preetha Damo is the Director of Voices for Hire and she has been a great support throughout this event, with the great recommendation of Ms Kelly Loh to the prompt and ever-courteous replies during our communications. Appreciate the constant follow-ups on whether everything is going smoothly during the event. Voices for Hire has proven to be a great signee and is highly recommended for future events.

Isaac Lim, Sales & Marketing, Operations, SBF CONNECT PTE LTD

LLF Walkathon (PRO-BONO)

Ernest has a natural flair to connect with the crowd. He is unpretentious and jovial and this really helps to put the mood of the whole event in a fun and family atmosphere. He needs minimal prompting from us and takes initiative to even help us 'promote' our bottled water. 

Ernest is reliable and senses the mood of the crowd well, especially at the start-point of the flag-off where we were basically in the middle of the participants coming from all angles. He was able to hold the attention of the participants by inviting them to check-in through social media, which was very quickly picked up by my friends who were not even at the event!

We really appreciated Ernest's professional input to help us steer the activities of the day. It is no small feat to garner the attention of 700 walkers for more than 3 hours over a wide area such as Sentosa Island when there were so many other distracting attractions. We do look forward to future working relationships with Ernest, and wish him health and happiness always!


Schneider Electric Family Day

I had a chance to work with Ernest and Pree from Voices For Hire for our corporate Family Day at River Safari. Despite hiring only 1 emcee,Ernest - the Director, Pree, went the extra mile to work with me and contributed to the stage game plans, and also provided guidance to Ernest.

When I first saw Ernest’s profile online, he seems to be full of energy. During our pre-event meeting, Ernest was very jovial and able to provide great ideas. Besides displaying a flair for entertaining hundreds of adults and children, Ernest is extremely witty and entertaining. A very talented and versatile emcee, Ernest took the effort to reach out and engage with our guests. We knew from the beginning that the right choice was made in selecting him as our emcee. Everyone had a great time, thank you Ernest & Pree!

Sharlene Koh, HR Specialist, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

Ernest and Preetha were both great, very easy to work with professionals. Their organisational skills proved very useful prior to the event to help us plan the event to its last details. On D-Day, I have been truly amazed by Ernest's energy as well as his ability to engage with a fairly diverse audience. "Voices for Hire" is definitely a company I would recommend!

Rémi Pouchucq, Commercial Operations Manager, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

Paragon Education MOU Signing Ceremony

Kelly has contributed to the success of the Paragon Education Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing Ceremony on 29 May 2016 which was held at Grand Paragon Hotel, Johor Bahru, Johor. She has done a marvellous job with her hard work and dedication which has really helped the school to maintain the standard of excellence during the event. We just want to express how much she is valued and appreciated for her contribution.

We know that she has put in a lot of effort in our MOU Signing Ceremony. Not only did she complete excellent quality work but we have seen her collaborating well with our team as well. Furthermore, she did it with a fantastic attitude and willing disposition. Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude towards her dedication and admirable work ethic. Hope we will have the chance to collaborate with her again in the future.

Chua Sing Zhi, Marketing, PARAGON EDUCATION SDN. BHD.

Circles Asia Press Conference

Voices For Hire was very professional - We were happy that we could meet beforehand to meet Earnest and have a run down of events. Ernest was very personable, positive, outgoing. He had a voice which was easy to understand and he was very affable and easy to work with. We feel like he had great energy. We will definitely keep him at the top of the list of host to hire - his positive, "can-do" attitude was delightful. Overall very happy with the experience! 

Megan Yulga, Marketing, LIBERTY WIRELESS PTE LTD

CGH Patient Safety Day 

The show went well and Pree did well. Her stage presence was good and we liked the tone and mood that she created. We're happy with her performance and we had a good time working with Pree. Thank you so much for the hard work!

Dr Syahid Hassan, Senior Specialist, CHANGI GENERAL HOSPITAL

Hair for Hope, Appreciation Night 2015 and Tulip Hearts Family Day 2015 (PRO-BONO)

On behalf of the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF), I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Kelly for volunteering her time as an emcee for CCF's events such as Hair for Hope, Appreciation Night 2015 and Tulip Hearts Family Day 2015. 

Kelly was able to interact with the participants and supporters with her wit and strong emcee skills. Her clear voice and diction were also especially important in making announcements at the events. Kelly is an ideal emcee for all events as her flexible response and professionalism will bring success to the event.


President's Challenge 2015 - PC Commemorative Dinner (PRO-BONO)

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Pree for volunteering your time and skill to help out at the PC15 Commemorative Dinner at the Istana. She did a good job as the emcee of the night ensuring that the event's programme ran smoothly. Thank you for contributing to the success of the event. Wishing you the very best!


LLF Walkathon (PRO-BONO)

In the past events, we had managed the emceeing ourselves. However, with the help of Kelly this year, the event was much more lively and we had received many positive feedbacks from the 1000 strong participants.

Kelly was able to inject a great deal of energy and excitement amongst the participants, especially after they had completed an hour long, 5km walk, and many were visibly tired. With her skill and grace, Kelly was able to bring out the best in the entertainers and participants, which made the event very enjoyable.  

In the final part of the event which was a lucky draw, Kelly made it both funny and exciting, which held the attention of the participants, While lucky draws itself are interesting, it can also be mundane, but she was able to make it very special. 

It was a delight to see Kelly at work and we at the LLF are particularly impressed by her emceeing abilities. We would like to convey our deepest and mist sincere appreciation to Kelly for contributing her time to support our charity.


Criterion Marketing Asia Pacific Dinner & Dance
EMCEE - Julius

It was very good. Julius' sense of humour was quirky and just right. Quick thinking on his feet. He also made an effort to rent an outfit for the 60s themed event. He was early and diligently preparing, running through the program with me. Not only that, he took initiative to mingle and remember names of VIPs’.

I would definitely hire him again! Keep up the good work!


Wedding of Gen & Cornel

Overall we are very pleased with the experience and how things turned out. Good job! We also appreciated Pree turning up and ensuring that everything was going smoothly. Very impressed with the level of service and will definitely recommend to friends and family for future wedding events. Big thanks to Voice For Hire!

Gen & Cornel, Newlyweds!

Action for Singapore Dogs' Charity Tea Party in aid of Hit & Run Victims (PRO BONO)

Thank you for assigning 2 wonderful emcees to ASD for the dog party event! Despite the heavy rain and the not so great sound system, they did a great job in rallying the crowd to participate actively in the games.

It was a rather challenging environment, what with the crowd and the dogs cowering for shelter from the rain. However, thanks to the emcees' infectious energy, the dogs successfully participated in the games, all the items were auctioned off and quite a handful of ASD merchandise was sold (especially the ASD umbrellas). That is thanks to the emcees walking amongst the audience with the umbrella in hand!

On behalf of ASD and all our furry friends, I’d like to thank Voices For Hire for volunteering your talents to support ASD with all our public events!